Mini Makeup Series - Second Edition: Meet Emma from Fletchadaise

Mini Makeup Series - Second Edition: Meet Emma from Fletchadaise
Alice and I, caught up with the gorgeous Emma and Daisy from Fletchadaise, to talk about all things Instagram and how to find your community. We wanted to acknowledge International Besties Day, and how sometimes you find friendships in places you least expect. Instagram is this crazy world of faking it til you make it, but there are also some amazing female owned businesses who are hustling their hearts out and creating some pretty special friendships along the way. 
We asked Emma a few questions about how she found her feet in the world of content creation and juggling mum life, work and managing expectations of businesses on Instagram. 
Why did you decide to become a content creator? 
COVID was an interesting time for my family living in Rural Victoria with a husband who worked shift work and feeling isolated from my community due to the lockdowns. I decided to find a community of like minded women on Instagram to help me feel connected and make new friendships during a time that was extremely isolating. It also allowed me to have a creative outlet outside of being a mum and nurse. 
Who Inspires you on Instagram? 
Rebecca Little - She is so authentic and I really love her values and what she stands for. Her account is a must to follow. 
How do you manage mum life and work? 
Emma’s exact words “we are a hot mess family”. I don't manage it all, some weeks are harder than others but Instagram is about the community I have created and not so much a chore but a creative outlet. 
What brands and their values do you enjoy collaborating with?
I only take on brands that I love to enjoy and use personally. A favourite brand is Dermalist -  Australian owned and made, the company is based here in Melbourne . Stefanie Milla is the most empowering female director and you can see that in all facets of the brand. I absolutely loved working with them. 
Five fun facts about you? 
I love a true crime podcast.
I am petrified of birds and tomatoes.
I love Caramilk chocolate like love love it!
I spent a week in Vegas and I rate it more than New York City.
I used to run 10km 4 x a week. 
This is just one of the amazing new friendships that we have made on the gram since launching our business. We have already been lucky enough to cross paths with some killer female owned businesses who inspire us on the daily with their branding, content and boss attitude. Stay tuned for some amazing collaborations coming to Belicious Kids. 
Alice & Zoe 

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